Brown Hen Farm is located on the last ten acres of the Ramsey Homestead, one of the original seven homesteads in the Chugiak/Eagle River, Alaska area. It is located about one mile from the mountains and one mile from the ocean, providing a great climate for growing fruit and flowers.  Buck and Betty Ramsey developed their homestead in the early 1950s.  Dwight and Lauren Bradley owned the property for nearly thirty years and they lovingly planted the orchards and berries and gardens. We bought the property from them in 2014 and renamed it Brown Hen Farm. The following summer we broke ground on our commercial peony field.

Our farm name comes from our combined last names (Brownlee and Henjum) and our shared commitment to each other and our farm.  And, yes, we have brown hens!

We are committed to using sustainable organic methods of farming that work to improve the land and habitat for the birds, moose, bees, and critters who share the farm with us.  We live in the log cabin built by the original homesteaders and are grateful every day to live on this little piece of heaven.